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Nov 2 – Dec 2, 2018


The Border is pleased to announce the opening of the group exhibition “Peregrination” on Friday, November 2, 2018. As its title suggests, the exhibition represents a wandering journey through time and place that culminates with an overarching shamanistic spirit.


Like the mission of the project space itself, Peregrination brings together rich cultural traditions from the world over, making a statement about who we are as a people. Scattered across a blank palette created by an island of white stones on the floor are works by Elisa Pritzker, Lina Puerta, and Nyugen E. Smith, with each artist contributing a unique and powerful voice.


Works from Smith’s Spirit Carrier series float throughout the space. Drawing upon Yoruba crowns for inspiration, and structured like steampunk hot air balloons of sorts, Smith envisions his works as literal spirit carriers: vessels that will protect and transport the spirits of the deceased, specifically those of the unarmed black victims of police brutality. Each layer of the work adds deeper meaning, creating an overall aura of solemnity.  Smith’s works are joined by Puerta’s mixed media tapestries, inspired by Renaissance tradition and modernized with aspects of contemporary culture. Through the elaborate detailing of Puerta’s works, one can catch a glimpse of the decay of our present society both morally and politically, a parallel to messages we can take from European history.


Centering the spirit of the exhibition is Pritzker’s work, Magic of the Shamans, a monumental ceremonial circle covering the floor of the exhibition. Through this project, Pritzker revives the shamanistic ideals of the now-extinct Selknam people, a native group of hunter-gatherers once based in Argentina and Chile. Implicit in the work is an allegiance to community, nature, and one’s spiritual life; together with Puerta and Smith’s works, offering a gentle reminder about the very core of our humanity.


Link to the installation photographs: 


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